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Art Print


Available in 3 sizes (w x h):

24 x 28 in

32 x 36 in

39 x 45 in



Canvas with subframe - natural canvas, print, protective varnish, wood subframe.


Every order is custom made just for you.


Every order supports the construction of Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi (India), more information about the purpose of Mai Ram Art Gallery.  

Art Print "Karuna - the Goddess of Compation"

  • About the Artwork:

    Art Print “Karuna – Goddess of Compassion”

    Inspirational Text for Art Print “Karuna –Goddess of Compassion” by Author Mai Ram

    I see the evening gold melting in the dark. Forest of a mountain slope is drinking the lastglass of daylight. The face of Goddess comesup in my memories when I see the sinkingevening star. Immeasurable solitude of anevening.

    Art Print “Karuna - the Goddess of Compation” from Cycle of Artworks “Akasha – Space of Gods”

    These artworks invite the spectators to experience the author Mai Ram’s creative expressions that shape the sacredness of space, and to immerse oneself in a particular state of mind that leads into the mysterious world of the gods and goddesses. In Mai Ram’s canvases and drawings, the divine forms manifest themselves as a result of many years of meditative practice.


    Every order supports construction of Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi (India)

    By acquiring one of these exclusive Signature Edition Art Prints, you become an integral part of this noble endeavor, fostering positive change and contributing to the creation of a spiritual sanctuary. More information about the purpose of Mai Ram Art Gallery.

  • Art prints are made on high-quality canvas prints stretched on a wooden subframe, and can be hung directly on the wall.


    Art prints on canvas with a wooden subframe are sent in a cardboard boxes.


    Free delivery across India.


    Art prints are made to order and typically delivered in 5-15 business days.