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Mai Ram Art Gallery Exhibition "Four Stages"

The author of the exhibition: Mai Ram

Opening of the exhibition is on July 24 12-14 p.m. on the first floor of St. Virgin Maria 's Church, Savičiaus str. 15, Vilnius

Mai Ram Art Gallery paroda „Keturi tarpsniai“

About the project “Four Stages”

Mai Ram’s exhibition “Four Stages is like a magical fabric depicting human being and time. Just as nature changes and goes through four cycles, so human life has four stages: childhood, youth, maturity, and old age, which dissolves into death. Inspired by this impressively woven fabric of nature, Mai Ram through drawings, canvases, sound and moving image artworks opens up the fact that the thread of this fabric of being is not just on this side, it continues uninterruptedly into the sacred space, into the union with the One who has given life. That thread is the eternal being, the union of matter and consciousness.

You can find out more about Mai Ram here.


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