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Mai Ram Art Gallery Exhibition “Akasha – the Space of the Gods”

The author of the exhibition: Mai Ram

The exhibition is open on June 26 - September 27 at the Mai Ram Art Gallery, Augustijonu str. 2, Vilnius

Mai Ram Art Gallery paroda "Akaša - dievų erdvė"

Mai Ram Art Gallery was established to present the path of Mai Ram’s artistic creation, to organize exhibitions, artistic and cultural events, the purpose of which is to open the opportunity for the spectator to see and buy the artworks permeated with Eastern philosophy.

The first exhibitionAkasha the Space of the Gods” organized in the gallery invites the spectators to experience the creative expressions of the author Mai Ram that shape the sacredness of space and to immerse oneself in a particular state of mind that leads into the mysterious world of the gods and goddesses.

In Mai Ram’s canvases and drawings, the divine forms manifest themselves as a result of many years of meditative practice.

Having started to draw at a mature age, Mai Ram shows that a Human Being, like the Creator, is limitless and that, regardless of age, difficulties, and obstacles, we must learn to allow the power of the Creator to go through us.

You can find out more about Mai Ram here.


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