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Exhibition "The Beginning of Everything"

Exhibition opening:

Exhibition: „The Beginning of Everything“.

Author of the exhibition: Mai Ram.

Location: Mai Ram Yoga ashram, Augustijonu str. 2, Vilnius.

Time: October 28th, 2023. at, 8 pm.

About the idea of the Exhibition

„The Beginning of Everything“

Chaos is infinite in space and time, a mixture of all the elements and an amorphous state of matter, where not only is there nothing material, but also the elements and the fundamental building blocks of the world are absent as distinct entities.

It is completely unpredictable. That constant probability which eliminates all causation, the total dissociation from everything human, from the flesh, from reason, from the word, and therefore darkness. What's peculiar is that it operates as an embrace of the energy of creation.

At the very beginning, darkness veiled darkness. It was the entirety of the Unmanifest. In this abyss of chaos, without shaking the air, something One was breathing and there was nothing else besides It. This One surrounded by emptiness was created by the power of heat - tapas. Out of desire the original source of the world was created. So desire and creation are related to chaos and the golden germ floating in the ocean. From the waters of the world, which embody chaos, a being endowed with creative powers emerged.

At the beginning of time there was no sand, no sea, no waves, no earth and no firmament. There was only the abyss, the abyss in the north bounded by the cold and the dark, and the abyss in the south bounded by the warm and the light.

Brahman, the ultimate reality, exists as Null, yet from this void, the Gods come into being. Out of chaos, pairs of deities emerged and began to order it: the pair of darkness, the pair of infinity, the pair of invisibility, the pair of oneness and fusion. Within the deities of the cosmos there is a primordial ocean that expresses nothingness, and this chaos is not disordered and is not horrible, because within it dwells the Creator who creates all existence. The deities symbolise the masculine and feminine creative element in chaos.

The creation of the world from chaos is a reversible process. A world that continually resists the forces of chaos can be transformed back into chaos. It will destroy everything it has created. The world will again become chaos and infinity as it was at the beginning.


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