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Exhibition “Purnima – Full Moon”

Exhibition “Purnima Full Moon”

The full moon symbolizes the energy of light

“During the new moon, the dark moon, the earth is enveloped in darkness. At that time the gods and goddesses are far from the earth scattered in the depths of the universe. As the new moon period passes, the stars begin to shine in the sky one after another, the moon becomes illuminated, indicating that the gods and goddesses start to approach the earth one after another. And the dark moon waxes and begins to shine more and more. The culmination is manifested during the full moon, when all the gods and goddesses are concentrated in the space of the moon, then the energy of the moonlight is at its strongest. It falls to the earth and illuminates everything. Thus, there is a powerful force of light concentration in the full moon.” This is how the exhibition “Purnima Full Moon” is mysteriously announced by the creator Mai Ram.

The idea to organize the exhibition “Purnima - Full Moon” was born from my long-term practice of the full moon. Every month of the year, I meditate on the energy that lies in the full moon and it fills me with indescribable peace. With these artworks, I want to convey to the spectator the desire of the human soul to know the Creator and to merge directly with him. Because, all real-world phenomena have a supernatural origin that is mysterious, indescribable by the senses, and inexplicable to the mind.” – the author presents the idea of the exhibition.

The exhibition “Purnima – Full Moon” is open at the Mai Ram Art Gallery, Augustijonu str. 2, Vilnius from November 6, 2021 until the end of April, 2022.


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