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Guru Mai Ram

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Guru Mai Ram

Guru Mai Ram is a successor of the yogic tradition of Nath yogis of India. She continues Kapala Nath's teaching line. Naths are the pioneers of yoga, the yoga Masters who received teachings directly from Lord Shiva.

Guru Mai Ram has devoted all her creative energy to fulfilling the purpose of her life. Guru Mai Ram’s creations are materialised in various forms, all her ideas and works are united by one goal – the unity of consciousness and matter. Through her creative activities, Guru Mai Ram conveys the philosophy of the unity between consciousness and matter, revealing the power of the Creator manifested in a human being. All the creative forms, shapes, used by Guru Mai Ram in her works, reflect the infinity of human being’s creative potential.

Mai Ram Art Gallery was established to contribute to the development of the Mai Ram Yoga ashram in Varanasi, India, a sacred city associated with Lord Shiva on the banks of the Ganges River. The Mai Ram Yoga ashram in Varanasi is dedicated to the continuation of classical yogic teachings, rooted in the profound wisdom of Lord Shiva, the pioneer and ruler of yoga.


Mai Ram Yoga Ashram welcomes people from around the world to engage in spiritual practices, meditation, and the study of classical yoga.

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Mai Ram Art Gallery Contacts

HEADQUARTER LOCATION: Mai Ram Art Gallery, Augustijonų str. 2, Vilnius 01127, Lithuania, Europe

BRANCH LOCATION: Mai Ram Art Gallery, 1c-149, Gurjar Colony, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur, India

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